We know which lawyers win.

Let us introduce you to the best available lawyer, because losing is expensive.

  • Best available lawyer for your judge & case type.
  • 100% free consultation & referral. No strings attached.
  • Optimized selection for your budget.
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our promise

We'll find you a lawyer who nearly always wins your case type before their judge, because they're likely to win again. As they say, good lawyers know the law, but great lawyers know the judge.

Sure, it's not how people have traditionally found a lawyer in the past, but think about it this way: how many people involved in a lawsuit are happy with the outcome?
Average impact of the lawyer's relationship with the judge.
Percentage of lawyers who regularly try cases in court.
Price for us to refer you to a top-winning lawyer.
Lawyers with 5+ appearances with your judge & winning 75% or more

How it works

All lawyers are not created equal. We'll find you a top-winning lawyer using the only database with every lawyer's complete win/loss record.
YOU Tell us about your case

We'll need some info to find the right lawyer for you from the millions in our database. Important factors include: the judge overseeing your case, the court hearing your case, and the type of your case.

Short & easy questionnaire
We won't ask anything not pertinent to our search.
Hear back within hours
We know that time is of the essence.
We find your lawyer

We filter our database based on the information you provide us with. We identify the 5 best performing lawyers for your criteria, then call them to ensure a good fit.

Dedicated consultant
For any questions you might have.
Within budget
We'll find a lawyer that fits your budget.
MATCH WITH your lawyer

We will introduce you to your lawyer and make for an easy transition. With your permission, we'll pass off any information that will help your lawyer get started.

Totally free; no strings attached
The lawyer pays us a standard referral fee.
100% confidential
We won't share your information without your permission.
Our process is fueled by Premonition AI, the market leader in legal analytics. Premonition's database is larger than all of their competitors' combined. It’s a "very, very unfair advantage in litigation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.
How much does this service cost me?

It's 100% free. No strings attached.

What states can you help me in?

We can help with cases in 87% of the United States.

What types of cases can you help with?

We can find you a lawyer for any civil case. We cannot help with criminal cases at this time.

What if I don't have money for a lawyer?

If you have a good, plaintiff case, and the expected judgement is large, we will find a lawyer who will take the case on contingency. They will earn a percentage of the judgement, and you will pay nothing out of pocket.

How long will it take for you to an attorney for me?

We will start calling top-winning lawyers that match your criteria immediately.

How do you make money?

Lawyers pay us an industry standard referral fee, since they don't have to advertise to find you. Don't worry, legally they cannot raise their rates to accommodate our fee.

As far as I'm concerned, this isn't the best way to pick an attorney, it's the ONLY way.
- Dr. Jeff Caplan, LawyersByWinRate Client
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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